Hello From The Land of Lake

Not so long ago, (and not so far away) I worked in Silicon Valley. Then one day there came upon all who worked in Silicon Valley the great Dot Com DeCombustion.

And on that day my employer said to me, "Our stock price has fallen, our options are under water, and our customers have deserted us. Go therefore! Return to the land of Lake. Live henceforth in the wilderness. Live amidst the oaks and pines and beasts of the forest. But know also that a few of us shall remain here. Here, amidst the traffic jams and freeways shall we remain. And we shall sell off company assets, and cease operations."

So it was that I came to live in the Land of Lake. Where high speed internet connections are plentiful, and the air is always clean.


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Created: Jan 01, 1996,
Last updated on October 03, 2001
Copyright Tony Levelle, 2001