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As you scrolled through the last page you may have noticed some links on the left hand side. These are pages of stuff I have been working on. Let's start with the podcasting stuff. In July of 2005 I picked up my third MP3 player and started downloading these podcasts of this couple from Wisconsin. The shows were totally amateur hour, but it was funny in a painfully real way life has of playing with you. I said "Hell I could do that" So Jim and I started recording 15 min shows on art, science and politics. We talked about the great American myths. We grew the line up to three shows a week.

At the peek in 2007 I was doing 7 shows a week. An interview show, a music show, a poetry show, a solo show, a partner show, a weekly collaboration and a show that was to be called Books and Music. In Jan of 2008 I got very sick and stopped all but two of the productions. I hope to start producing again come the next year. The Footnote Podcast link has our first 300 shows. Current we have 50,000 downloads a month. We are big in China and Russia. It's interesting listening to recording from almost three years ago so much has changed.

The midi podcast has 138 shows. Each show is around 15 min long. Midies are files solely generated by the sound card in one computer send to the sound card of another computer. Think sheet music. No physical instruments like a drum or piano or guitar. No words just music. I'm coming up on three years producing the shows and my average lisentership is 550. My goal is to get a quarter of a million download. Thank goodness bandwidth is so cheap today.

The last podcast listed is the 100 Word Challenge. Each week a topic is chosen and you got 100 words to tell the story. Because I'm world class compulsive I have been putting out 100 word stories for 123 week in row. Did it after surgery did it while sick, did it on the road. Will be doing it from Paris in two weeks. If you go to the top link it will take you to 2000 stories. If you click on 135 Stories it will take you to my collection of stories. Enjoy. Under the podcast there is a link to CSS examples and a link to my home as it look from 1995 to 2008.

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