You have wandered into our section of the Lake Network. We hope your stay is a pleasant one. Out here on the Edge flux rules and the meter to which we move is pervasive. In a brave new world such as this the media has moved beyond a mere message, it is the now the vehicle of the mind, the arrows of desire. In the volatility of capricious cyberspace little is constant, but at present Gail and I remain your humble hosts. Be Seeing you___t.M.

What's In A Name...

Your humble scribe came by way of his moniker from a forefather founding father through his one father who just happened to be born on Mr. Jeffersonís birthday (different year). If you follow the chain down through Christendom as it wriggles pass Moore, Becket, Aquinas, it lays squarely at the feet of that old disbeliever, Apostle 4th from the left, Thomas. In our temperament we share a burning drive for empirical proof.

More over in an odd way this Hebrew word for Twin is an appropriate way to describe my younger brother of 18 months and myself. Due to a near fatal education accident (Math, Spelling, and English grammar), I had to repeat the 3rd grade, forever bound to my brotherís grade level. The shame and trauma off this event lead to the creation of my Triplet brother Elmo who has been locked in the closet for the past 40 years. After this comment most people with refrain from further personal intrusions.

As surnames go it is fortunate to have one from a small French gene pool hailing from Nice. All folk in America named Marquette are of the same family. Our most illustrious forefather was not a father, he was a Father. Father Pere Marquette founded a small mission which became Chicago, not a bad hat trick, aye. Others of our tribe are Olympic coaches (Kathy Rigby's) Cinematographers and Directors (Harold and Maud, The Attack of the 50 foot Woman) and Postmen (the carrier with the land record for miles walked 70,000, another one not as noted is my father).

If the coat of arms are the symbolic linkage of a family, my family is either proud of their fertility or they were master pawnbrokers, for there are three small balls in the center of our crest. In dusty French etymology Marquette translates to: virgin wax. I guess that makes my Indian name: Two Candles Who Haven't Got Luck Yet.

Hoping To Graduate Before Collecting Social Security....

Your humble scribe is now a graduate of Sonoma State University with a degree in Art, Studio Concentration, Photography emphasis.

My new short range goal is acceptance to the Masters program at Chico State University. My long term goals are to teach Film production and Photography on the JC level. Longest known goal to mankind is a complete nervous break down on the quest to a Doctorate in Art History. (sick of snotty painting majors ragging on photo guys)

After 7000 units of GE and a fair share of grueling Art History courses this bachelors candidate has reached the light at the end of a 10 year tunnel. I have accumulated the 45 units to graduate with honors. The funny Latin words are prodly emblazoned on a silly piece of paper. Magna cum laude! Vanity, Oh Vanity. All is Vanity.

Follow Your Bliss ....

Joseph Campbell pointed out if the job you do is pursuing a state of bliss you will find the effort of everyday is not work, it is ongoing rapture. I am fortunate to have such a position. I work for the ClearLake Community College as a tutor of English, Chemistry, Mathematics and other lower division classes.

There is nothing so rewarding as helping folks overcome their fears of the educational process. You really get the sense your making a difference in someoneís life. A new responcibliy I have taken on is working with our staff and faculty getting them acquainted with cyberspace. For the past Four years I have been teaching a class on the Internet. I have taught the class 24 time in this short span and helped 300 people build Web pages.

The byproducts of my job have also produced a unforeseen twofold reward. First I can walk into any class group and feel confident I will be calm and at ease. Second after Six years of teaching grammatical rules, composition structure, algebraic logic, and the Biological and physical scientific disciplines this mountain of general knowledge is hard wired to say the least.

Places To Go.....People To See.....Things To Do.....

Thomas A Marquette
Created: May 25, 1995
Updated: Jun 21, 1997