My view
In developing a perspective on love, caring, and intimacy, my starting point is always "What does it mean to be fully human? For me, the answer is to able love others freely, without artificially imposed boundaries and constraints. I think it's within the human experience to feel affection, erotic attraction, respect and love for more than one person and to express those feelings to each person uniquely. Since each of us is special and distinct, every friendship and relationship with another person is unique and as such, should develop and expand naturally.

I have always wondered why societies want to limit love and the expression of sexuality. This has never made sense to me. The traditional paradigm of sexuality that is tightly constrained within the walls of marriage seems stifling, isolating and unnecessary.

Loving more creates larger families: a vision for the future
I've met many older people who have lost spouses and are now living alone in houses, with occasional visits from children and friends. I envision a happier future where larger families are created through multiple loving relationships...a time when losing one's spouse doesn't necessarily mean being alone.

Polyamory is not for all people, but neither is monogamy. Monogamy is not a moral imperative--it's just one way to live. For those of us who choose another path, many support groups and resources have come into being.

Polyamory Organizations and Resources
The Polyamory Society
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