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My name is Gloria Hovde. Welcome to my website! This page is intended to let you know a little about me --my recent career change, community in Lake County, interests and worldview. There will be a lot of links that are personal favorites of mine. So, enjoy and explore!


Several years ago, I completed a major, and very exciting life change. After working 18 years as a mechanic for United Air Lines at the San Francisco Airport, I discovered my life's calling and enrolled in the Master of Science program in Space Studies at the University of North Dakota. This mid-life detour eventually led to my current position at NASA Ames as part of the Marsokhod Field Test team. My responsibilities involve coordinating logistics for the field test, writing web pages for the team and supporting the scientists as needed.
I feel very privileged to be part of this group in support of NASA's Mars Exploration Program.

Marsokhod rover
Exciting things are happening in the space field. One endeavor that has captured the interest of many people is the search for extrasolar planets. NASA's extrasolar effort at Ames is centered on two budding projects, the Vulcan Camera Project and the Kepler Project.

Related to the search for other worlds is the search for life in the universe, from geological evidence of extinct microbial life on Mars(Mars Exploration Program) to the search for radio sources emanating from intelligent technological civilizations (the SETI Institute; UC Berkeley's  Serendip"SETI at Home" project).


I work in the San Francisco Bay Area during the week, 150 miles from home and always look forward to coming back to the country on weekends. Our home is a bit unconventional: we are a group of long-term friends who came together to turn a dream into a reality--and Lake County was the perfect place. About eight years ago our community purchased 6 acres and gradually erected 5 homes on the property with gravel paths connecting the homes. For me, our arrangement is the perfect way to live: community, connectedness and privacy in a clean, quiet environment.

Below are links to sites of personal interest. I have offered my own perspective as an introduction to some of these topics. This page, like life, will be under slow, perpetual construction. Thank you for your visit. I wish you well.

Below are some interesting links.

Space Studies Department, University of North Dakota
NASA Ames Intelligent Mechanisms Group
Long Range Science Rover
SETI Institute
Space Telescope Science Institute
Hubble Space Telescope

RADIO ASTRONOMY: Overview of radio interference and links to RA sites
Arecibo Observatory
National Radio Astronomical Observatories (NRAO)
European Committee on Radio Astronomy Frequencies (CRAF)
NAS Committee on Radio Frequencies

The Kepler Project
Vulcan Camera Project

Animal and Wildlife Organizations: overview and links
Environmental Organizations
Polyamory Organizations: Personal viewpoint and links
Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Organizations
National Public Radio

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Updated: November 26, 1998
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