Dianna's Hodge Podge

Created: October 9, 1995
Last Modified July 21, 2003

Hi there,

I'm one of those people that are very easily swayed to learn and experiance new things if I'm the least bit interested in them, if $ and time allows. Lately I've been learning (new to me) folk art. I have a love for great stone archetecture, sculpture, paintings, stained glass and folk art that is created from the hands and the heart.

I live near the west coast of the United States. We westerlies have lossed the flavor and creativity of artists still creating folk art who live on the east coast of the good ole US of A. In times gone by this so called folk art was a way of sprucing up the ole homestead.

My playroom (everyone should have one of these) has of late extended its boundries into the dining room, living room and part of the kitchen. I relish learning new stuff that looks like old stuff.

I didn't think so at the time, but my honey Jim insists that no store bought nick nacks be put on our walls. He encourages me to created my own things to proudly display in our home.

My WIP's or UFO'S (unfinished objects):

Thoughts and some action for future projects:

That about covers it for my spare time projects. To think about starting anymore at this time would be overwelming.

My interests in the past include oil painting, water colors, brass rubbings, stained glass, sewing non-quilted items, photography, Chinese Junk Sailboat restoration, lots of book collecting, and recycling old stuff to create new stuff.

I have a great love for the water. I lived on a boat for ten years in the San Francisco Bay previous to living here near Clear Lake, California. Being away from land for so long makes me a garden fanatic (I used to play mud pies as a kid). I recycle dish water and use biodegradable soap so as to not kill my flowers. Our sub-division is slated to have city water routed through out Lower Lake this fall and next spring. Oh happy days, we have such hard water from out shared well, that visiting friends complain about the water after taking a shower. I still miss the ocean alot though. I miss the cool breazes, and the fresh (fishy) ocean air. I still have lots of dreams of great adventures on the water. I'm unemployed just now, hopefully if I can secure a job before the fall is over Jim and I will purchase a couple of KIWI's (not the fruit) kayacks to paddle around Clear Lake in (I need the excercise).

Well enough about me for now. I should get back to quilting this quilt. My goal is to finish it this week cause my evening ceramics class starts this week. Oh happy days, I get my hands dirty again.

Take care of yourself and persue your dreams........


Dianna L. Brooks

Created with great thought by Dianna L. Brooks (Dianna@lake.org)